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The Farm- This story began in 1947 when a truck driver moved his family from Chicago, IL to a pig farm in Plainfield, WI. Seventy-one years later there have been a lot of changes as well as challenges, but Patrykus Farms Inc. is now one of the largest growers of processed carrots in the United States.
The People-Patrykus Farms Inc. is currently owned and operated by Dave and Kelly Beggs along with their sons and their wives, Zachary and Frances and Dalton and Stephanie. Now with their children, enters the 5th generation of farmers!
The employees that work here are very much a part to the success of the business. With a shortage of farm labor these days, everyone on the farm wears many hats. We employ women, men, young and old, and we are constantly learning from each other. Patrykus Farms really is, a family farm.
The Trucks- Along with Patrykus Farms Inc. comes Diamond P Produce LLC., which is the transportation sector for the carrots. Diamond P Produce LLC transports carrots to the local canneries. We like to keep business local and we have a good group of owner- operators that help us during our busy season.
The TM Logo- The Patrykus and Beggs families have always been very patriotic. Kelly’s father Bob served in the Navy during the Korean Conflict; and Dave’s father Arnold served in the Airforce during WWII. There is no shortage of flags on the farm, or the farm equipment for that matter. The United States Flag is seen waving on the back of the carrot harvesters in the sun, rain and snow. Quite some time ago we were getting one of the semis ready to enter a local parade, when we thought we needed to express our true love for both America and farming. And so it goes… We are “American Farmers Proud To Be Both” ….it is simple and truthful. The logo was trademarked in 2018.
Pride Vs Proud- Pride is self-righteousness. To understand the difference between pride and proud, you must understand the farmer. The farmer is a humble individual.
In the agricultural industry there are many different types of farmers; dairy, livestock, grain crops, vegetable crops, hobby, organic, commercial. Although the types of farming are different, the fight is the same for all of us. Farmers take a beating all the time yet; they remain resilient. The American Farmer isn’t extravagant. We do back breaking labor and we put in grueling hours. We fight mother nature, and many times we lose. We fight prices, interest rates and overseas trade, but probably the worst fight we face is the stereotypes we endure from all types of people. We are proud of what we do, we have a unique purpose; we feed the world! It’s not glamorous work but, it is soul enriching to work as hard and as smart as you can and put your faith in God, that you are right where He intends you to be.
American Made- The American Flag is also resilient, so our goal was to find American made products to attach our logo to. Well, that proved to be a challenge! Our philosophy is to support the farmer and the flag. So, all of the products we offer with the “American Farmer Proud To Be Both” logo on them are made in America. Yes, products would be cheaper if we put our logo on other country’s products but that is not being true to our ourselves or helping our fellow Americans.
We invite you to wear/use our American Made products in support of the American Farmer, and the hard work they do each and everyday to put food on your table.

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